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" Excellent fun."

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" Magical storytelling."

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What we offer?

Let us bring the very best in professional theatre to your door!

If you're interested in booking a FULL or HALF day visit to

your school, take a look at the shows we offer and then get

in touch.  When you book a show with us, we will transport your children into magical worlds and timeless settings; they will have the chance to join in, problem solve and actively support our storytellers throughout the show! The perfect way to enrich your school curriculum.

Half Day visit (show only)

For a half day celebration, we offer a morning or afternoon visit, and depending on the size of

your school hall and the number of children watching, we can present up to 2 shows.


Full Day visit (show & workshops)

Why not enjoy a full day celebration? The celebrations will extend to 1 performance, followed

by fun-filled, structured drama adventures for your children. These practical drama workshop

sessions, around 30 - 40 minutes long, differentiate between children at EYFS or Key Stage 1.  

Sessions are child-centred, lots of fun and led by highly experienced workshop leaders.


Length of show

Each of our shows run at approximately 50 minutes without an interval. But our actors meet

your children as they arrive in the school hall, spend time getting to know them and then after

the show, stand at the door to say a very special goodbye. So, it's best to allow up to an hour for

the whole experience.


How far do we travel?

We visit schools up and down, and right across the country, from Portsmouth to Aberdeen and

beyond.  Just as long as you offer our performers a very warm welcome, we will happily visit

your school (please note, we may need to include travel costs in our fee).


Our fee

Our fee is based on a number of factors from how many children are watching the show, to how

many performances we offer and how far we have to travel. The best thing is to get in touch with

your requirements. But we promise that you will be impressed with our beautiful shows!  Please

give us a call or email us.



0330 133 2000



Just a few reasons why a Little Blue Monster visit should be part of your school calendar:

  • We LOVE working with children

  • Specialise in shows for EYFS & KS1

  • We bring live theatre to your door

  • Fantastic experience for your children

  • Lots of fun

  • Shows of exceptionally high quality

  • Exquisite props, puppets & scenery

  • Fully trained professional actors

  • Perform to 250,000 children each year

Inspiring young minds

We believe that children should have access to the very best

in professional theatre and live performances in school. Watch-

ing a live theatre show is a shared experience that all of your

children (and staff) will enjoy and benefit from.


Our shows are devised especially for EYFS & KS1 and cover

many aspects of Drama, PSHE & Citizenship. They also tell

beautiful stories with characters and situations our young

audience can relate to, and there's usually a dilemma or two

for the audience to resolve.