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We take the welfare of our staff and customers very seriously, which means that we adhere to

strict Health & Safety guidelines. Our full Health & Saftey policy can be requested from our office,

but the summary below provides an overview of the procedures we implemented to ensure the

safety of others (and of course, our own staff) whilst working with children and vulnerable adults.


Our staff are DBS Checked

Staff members who have contact with our audience undergo a full DBS clearance check before

they commence work with our company. We keep copies of DBS clearance reference numbers

in our office, but staff members retain the DBS document for their own records.  


Full Training

We only employ fully qualified, highly experienced children's theatre performers. But we go on

to train further to prepare them for work with Little Blue Monster Ltd. Before a new member of

staff can tour with one of our productions, or represent our company in the public domain, they

must have completed their full training to our satisfaction. Staff members are then supported, monitored, and their work evaluated throughout the duration of their time with the company.


Risk Assessment

Our touring staff are trained to carry out a full risk assessment at each venue we visit, and

every practical step is taken to ensure the safety of our audience before we are happy that a performance can go ahead.  The risk assessment is then checked and signed by the contact at

the venue, and a copy is kept in our office.


Public & Employer Liability Insurance

Our company has full Employer Liability insurance up to £5 million, and a copy of our current

insurance document can be downloaded here.


For all other enquiries

If you have any further health & safety issues, please call Jeannette Longworth, our Associate

Director on 0330 133 2000 or email us at

Little Blue Monster - Safeguarding Children